It is a question we get asked a lot and one of the reasons our composite wood panels are loved, as they are truly versatile!

Can I get a 5ft or 4 ft or 7ft fence panel for my garden? Luckily the simple answer is absolutely!

All our panels are made up of fencing boards layered on top of each other to create the desired height, with a strong cap on the top to give a modern finish. Every panel needs one of these per full panel (6ft length). 

Below is a list of how many boards are needed for a number of common heights: 

  • 4ft fence panel = 8 panels
  • 5ft fence panel = 10 panels
  • 6ft fence panel = 12 panels
  • 7ft fence panel = 14 panels 

Our panels are suitable for use either with our composite fence posts or with existing concrete posts (using adaptors provided.

Our composite posts are available in our fencing packs or to buy individually in our shop. Alternatively we are always asked by customers to create a package just right for them. Simply email us or on live chat your measurements and we can do the hard work for you!