We often get asked what the difference is between plastic and composite decking and whether it really matters.

The simple answer is a VERY big difference.

Plastic Decking

Is a synthetic looking decking board made from a mixture of plastic materials. Whilst it is similar in its low maintenance offering, it has a noticeably plastic and sometimes cheap look about it. It also cannot provide any similarities to a beautiful natural wood decking and you could be compromising on the very best look for your garden. 

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a high quality, durable and environmentally friendly product. Made from 60% sustainable wood and 40% recycled plastic it has the durability of PVC with the natural look and feel of wood. It uses a combination of wood and plastic to show the gorgeous and modern feel of the decking you can see in the photo above. Not only is composite visually beautiful and a close match to natural wood, it also provides mould resistance, anti slip and anti fade properties. 

Making it the obvious choice for your garden.