1. Always install a tanilised timber frame for your decking, we are working on a number of useful guides to help with this. In the meantime there are many Youtube videos to guide you through this process. We recommend a maximum of 300mm gap centre to centre between each joist and a 20mm gap between any wall, fending or planters
  2. The decking area must be solid prior to installing joists. Standard recommendations such as a concrete base or compacted gravel or hardcore is suitable as it allows for drainage and provides a strong solid structure on which to build the subframe
  3. Ensure space is left for expansion against walls, a minimum 20mm is suggested with 5mm between each decking board
  4. To achieve rain water “run off” decking should be laid on a slight gradient of at least 1 in 80 (1.5%) in the direction of the long side of the boards in the grooves direction.
  5. A minimum of 200mm elevation between the ground and joists is required beneath Senate Composites decking. Always leave at least 2 sides of the subframe open to allow for cross ventilation under the decking
  6. Do not screw directly into the boards, it is required to use the clips provided to secure the boards in place
  7. Ends of boards must be supported and not have an overhang of more than 20mm
  8. Carefully plan the layout of your decking, all our packs are for standard one directional decking pattern, however extra boards can be purchased where needed to create your perfect composite decking area. (NOTE: all our boards are 14cm wide and 3.6m long, all products included in the packs are listed on each product page.)

If like me before I started the company, you have no idea what the above tips mean, you can always work with a local joiner or handyman to install the decking for you. By buying your materials direct from us, you are saving money on potential markups on your materials and knowing you are getting the very best product for your money!

We can help recommend local tradesmen to install and even have our own team based in Lancashire for decking and UK wide for summer houses.